We are using the word “culture” by trying to define a set of agreements, a common ground, a shared world-view. In order to live together in a balanced manner, forming an organism, we believe that these definitions are essential. For example, the use of non-violent communication, the way decisions are being taken, etc. Furthermore, the way in which the “new paradigm” and the “old world” interact is considered a related aspect.

The Hara-Goe community is a small-scale experiment. There is no rush. There is no need for it to fit in a pre-defined template. This should be the outcome of a fermentation process, a dynamic guideline drawn by us people, being re-drawn whenever necessary. It is not even a physical community in the first place, but it can gradually become an extended family, spread to different places.


A healthy community has to be viable, ideally by being both “real world” compatible and innovative. In opposition to what the norm in the “real world” is, it has to be rooted in trust. And obviously, the more the idea of separation (and separate interests) fades, the easier it is! There is an African saying that states “if it’s not good for all, it’s not good at all”. Simple as that…

In order to be able to interact financially, we will obtain a legal form, possibly a non-profit organization or social cooperative. But at the same time we are trying to bring fair, conscious economy one step closer. The use of fair-banks, time-banks, alternative currencies, donations, clubs for producing and distributing food or sharing services, all point in this direction. In our understanding and in our hearts, making a private donation reflects a free choice and shouldn’t be taxed again. Βuilding a home and offering children a self-directed education are human rights. Without being absolute and dogmatic and without denying what is, we believe that new tools and practices should be used and promoted, so a parallel world can emerge soon.