the people

The Hara-Goe project reflects our common ground (Andreas and Stella). While not having identical worldviews, we share the core-values of trust and authenticity. We believe that by recognizing and speaking out what is true and alive in us, relations become honest, supportive and inspiring.


I was born in Athens in 1972. Growing up in a supportive environment, I had the opportunity to unfold creatively. But I also fed impulses like perfectionism, or the fear of missing out. Beyond the protective bubble of friends and family, I experienced a society without sense, organized in an ugly and self-destructive way. Though constantly having top grades, which made me somehow “untouchable” and gave me the opportunity to speak out my truth to some degree, I seriously thought of quitting school and starting to travel. Instead, I decided to finish it and, in the meantime, I discovered the possibility of studying Sound-engineering in Düsseldorf, Germany, which combined my creative and technical interests (architecture would have been my second choice). During my studies which were both enriching and challenging, I had the opportunity to explore the orchestra’s sound thoroughly. Experimenting with acoustic instruments and microphone techniques shaped my perception and taste. I completed my practice at the Berliner Philharmonic and wrote my dissertation on “Mastering”.

Returning to Greece in 1999, I  worked at Athens Mastering (, a brand-new, at the time, state-of-the-art studio in Athens. In the following nine years I developed my skills as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer, set up two studios from scratch (, wrote the book “About Music and Engineering”, gave mastering classes at SAE Athens, was Editor in Chief for the magazine “Soundmaker”, engaged in a publishing company producing audio-books and became the Technical Supervisor at the Goethe Institute in Athens. Again, the way the business world was set up didn’t satisfy my need for healthy perspectives, transparent relations and meaningful action. I decided to search for a shelter close to nature and gradually moved to the land we are living on now with my partner Stella and our daughter Zoe.


I was born in Thessaloniki where I studied Translation, Spanish Language and Latin American Culture. I completed a one-year training on education for adults at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, worked in a newspaper for almost a decade and in movie subtitling at the Thessaloniki Film Festival for 2 years. My work in the city occupied most of my time and the only time I was feeling alive was during my dancing hours, which I enjoyed a lot. Although not an actual dancer, in the typical way, I find myself feeling free and alive through dancing. I also love making things with my hands. From fabric softies for babies to macramé jewellery making, I enjoy expressing myself through handcrafts.

However, my real passion is to work on my organic herbal garden and grow all kinds of herbs, mostly medicinal, which I then can use to make homemade, natural remedies for my family and friends. Living in nature gave me the opportunity to recall my childhood memories when my grandma would take me to the mountain above the little village she was living. She would collect wild herbs so that she could prepare the winter remedies the family might need. Every time I pick herbs I feel like I am a child again next to grandma.

Even though the idea of leaving the city was always on my mind, it was the coming of my daughter Zoe that made the decision easy. I knew I wanted my child to grow up in a healthy environment and, for me, healthy meant clean air, clean water, trees and sky as far as the eye can see. Being a mother was something that came very natural to me, though challenging at the same time, and I consider myself being a better person through this new “role” of mine. I believe that children can bring out the best and the worst in a person and I feel lucky enough to think that my daughter has brought out the best in me!