For 2019 we are organizing and hosting the following workshops:

1. Movement and Posture workshop

An introduction to the Feldenkrais, Axis Syllabus, Alexander and Ensoma methods. A holistic approach to their biological and psychological aspects, so participants can choose what benefits them and determine their own system.

date: 21-30 June

2. Natural Building Master-course

A hands-on experience in building with cob and other natural materials. A multi-site workshop covering a wide range of activities, from foundations to restoration.

possible date: 5 – 14 July

3. School without Frontiers – sChOlus pOcus @ Stagones!

A nomadic Agile Learning community of all ages. Learning happens all the time, everywhere. Through a self-directed process we will learn about and around bush-crafting, about what we need to survive and about what makes us thrive.

date: 15-24 July

4. Hara-Goe Arts Camp

Combining the Hara-Goe spirit with a vacation feeling, this camp shall be the first of a series to come. Bringing artists close together in this beautiful, natural spot can catalyze relations and help a new culture and the Hara-Goe community to emerge.

date: 26 July – 4 August

All workshops will provide agile facilitation to the degree the community is interested in. This means that the agile tools and methods can be used to model the flow of the day (parts of the workshops will or may be structured by topic and content anyway). Our workshops are also kids-friendly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that parents can forget about their kids, but we will encourage communal co-parenting, offer alternatives and specific activities when needed and also make sure that the menu includes healthy dishes kids usually like.