This topic is divided into two interrelated sections:

– The completion of the infrastructure at our place, which includes the Studio/School complex (120-150 square meters), the Community House (120-150 square meters) and some smaller scaled buildings for accommodation and working and storage spaces. All will be built with natural materials and techniques, ideally in 2021. This will be the Hara-Goe microcosmos, a functional prototype that can host a core group of up to 7-10 people and events for up to 40 people.

– The planning of the next step, a collective Hara-Goe project in the area, intended to host a core group of up to 25-30 people and bigger scale events. Buying land collectively and designing from scratch gives the opportunity for a holistic approach. Our proposal for this place is a circular, fractalic design, making sure that collective and individual needs are met in a reasonable and healthy way. An International Democratic School and an Alternative Health Center shall be its main pillars, along with a series of other activities and products (like organic remedies or hand-crafted musical instruments). The Hara Goe core values and common sense shall be implemented in the community’s business plan and all aspects of everyday living.

We are planning to invite potential sponsors and people who are interested in participating in the project during spring 2020. Please get in touch if you are one of them! Focus will be on the development and the viability of the Hara-Goe microcosmos, on our premises (6,500 square meters, which can possibly be expanded).


In an era where people tend not to listen anymore, the production of meaningful and enjoyable audio books seems to be the perfect counterpoint to the visual overflow we experience. These audio books will mainly cater to kids and teens and will be produced in the greek, english and german language. The artistic and technical know-how is given, as well as a pool of actors and the access to professional recording studios. The audio books will be published by the Hara-Goe label (under construction). So, if you have a great story in mind, or want to engage in any other way, please get in touch.


This is an idea that is spinning in my head for quite some time now. Imagine it as an interactive performance that tells a story from birth to birth, from one to seven. What is holding us back? Why don’t we quench our thirst? And what can we do to bring back joy and freedom, allow them into our consciousness? How can we empower and support each other?

The scenery is a round stage (a mobile one -this is a challenging side project on its own) with a fixed center and two rotatable rings. The acting will be mostly symbolic, so there is another horizontal layer hosting puppeteers. Which for example play the actor’s ego-puppets, which are sitting on their shoulders, making all this internal, unconscious hubbub visible to the audience.

Sound (and phenomena like sound levitation) and colour are also assets in the toolset for creating a transcendent impact. I have a rough overview of the concept and some more specific ideas about the content and structure. The aim is to create a field where transformation can happen, where people can realize their issues without feeling helpless or weak. It is a spiritual project where Art stands not separated from Life.

If you feel attracted, please get in touch.


Writing a collective novel is most intriguing. Especially if the story is connected to Life around and within. I strongly feel that as humanity we have reached a point, where an evolutionary jump towards sanity is more than needed (small fine tunings won’t serve us, it is the big picture that sucks…). Ι believe that a context where this can be explored and shown is a beehive (with its hierarchical structure) that is threatened in various -not so natural- ways (electromagnetic waves, queens from abroad that bring new parasites with them etc.).


A Beehive is in panic mode. How will it continue to make up an organism? The hierarchical structure doesn’t work any more. It doesn’t serve us, or the bees. Should we move from the Arrow to the Circle?

A group of people who are observers of this phenomenon (the main narrator and companions). The comprehension that we as humanity also need to change structures if we wish to survive. How do we form an organism. Will we recognize (and admit) that we want to connect? if we are all Queens and Kings, can we be ONE?

If you want to be part of this writing-community, please contact us.


For 2020 we are organizing five big workshops. Some might be part of an Erasmus + programme. Please get in touch if you would like to cooperate:

  • ScOlUs pOcUs, possible date: 2nd half of July, 10-12 days. You can get a good impression about how it might look like, but also about our venue, here. You can also check the School without Frontiers.
  • Movement & Posture, possible date June, 12-21. You can see the concept here. It will evolve a bit for this year, possibly pronouncing the healing aspect of this work more clearly. We probably won’t be able to host more than 16-17 participants and will have 3-4 facilitators.
  • Off-grid Community Basics, possible dates: early July (ideally), 12-17 days. This workshop shall provide an overview and hands-on experience in off-grid Energy, Natural Building, Permaculture, Social Perma-culture and Community Building. The idea is to live in a temporary community, like here, and immerse ourselves into the above topics.
  • Natural Building Master-course (in collaboration with Stagones Social Coop, possible dates mid June, or mid September)
  • Hara-Goe Open Days, August 14-30. Will be an Open camp for all ages, with a quite relaxed program (optional morning circle and scrum to set the day), encouraging participants to offer and share their talents & wisdom, but also some planned activities (making musical instruments and playing music, NVC workshop, natural building workshop, puppet making and playing, etc) each lasting 2-5 days. We also wish to use this space for making the next step towards free education (discussions, forums, networking, experiences). The planing, or a part of it, will be done in collaboration with the Spring Academy and possibly, EUDEC Greece.

We are also planning some activities that will take place in less days. Please feel free to ask if you want more information about any of the following:

  • Tango Camp
  • African Drums
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Healing Camp
  • Sound-engineering Workshop
  • Weekend Fun & Games Camp (don’t forget to Play Camp)