this project

The Hara-Goe project / Stagones, the first of a, hopefully, growing network of urban and rural communities, has evolved as our personal needs have become clearer. We believe that every person’s fundamental needs are quite common: living in a healthy environment, having enough to eat. Feeling safe, free, accepted, heard. Being able to cover individual interests and to express oneself.

The project is envisioned to be structured around an Agile Learning Center and a Music & Arts Studio. Both will be built using natural materials and techniques and, due to their technical particularity and our high goals, in terms of aesthetics and performance, they entail an exciting and challenging architectural journey. The medium sized Hara-Goe workshop space will be used for the manufacture of musical instruments, studio furniture and accessories (consoles, anatomic chairs, various lights, lamps, “exotic” mic-stands), as well as accessories for natural building (elastic gutters, electrical boxes, siphons etc).

The place where our intention is manifesting is a small piece of heaven on the east-coast of Evia island, Greece. Our land is located on the foothills of the Pixarias mountain and is part of the “Stagones-neighbourhood

The main attraction is probably the contrast between the high mountains, stitched with goat and trekking-routes, and the amazing coast line, full of beaches and caves. The area remains quite wild and intact, and inspires in many ways.

The ways in which collective needs are met, providing the necessary income, might differ, relating to and reflecting the collective character of each project. In our case we do the following for earning a living (please spread the word!):

natural built shelters and studios

As part of the Stagones social cooperation, natural building is a key-activity. I (Andreas) am interested in the design process and want to focus on a set of small, affordable houses and studios (ateliers, music studios, healing spaces). Built furniture and fireplaces are also artistic projects I like to work on.

natural cosmetics and remedies

The area is rich in most kind of herbs, medicinal or culinary. We collect, use and store for later use. What we can’t find, we grow. We produce remedies of many kinds such as facial creams, salves, tinctures or liniments. The idea is to keep our bodies healthy by using herbal products, we make ourselves.


We cook clean, healthy, vegetarian or vegan food using what nature provides. What our land cannot support, we get from local farmers. We also offer cooking service at other venues.


We love making things, big or small, such as toys, jewelery, tools and musical instruments. We use only natural materials such as wood, cotton, seeds etc.

organizing and/or hosting workshops

The events we host are always related to our core values and goals. They are considered a way to bring people together, share ideas and practices, rather than a business-model. Until recently they rarely produced any surplus, a fact we wish to change by using a sliding scale for the participation fee, so people who have the financial ability can support the project to move forward.

music production

In my “previous” life I (Andreas) was a producer/engineer in the music industry. Working in the studio, or just hanging out listening to a good track, is definitely the thing I miss the most since leaving the city. The Hara-Goe studio might not be ready yet -it is actually in the developing phase- but I would like to get engaged again and work as a producer for an album, play or other musical project (you can listen to some tracks I was engaged in as a producer and/or engineer here). Doing the pre-production on site would be a great experience for everybody involved, unleashing creativity. The Hara-Goe label is also a side-project I’d like to develop soon.

Please spread the word about our offerings!