the model

Human relations are at the epicenter of the Hara-Goe model. Self-expression and the use of clear, genuine, non-violent communication are considered essential tools. This is based on the belief that, once the need for change is recognized, this can only happen through personal shift and collective understanding. When we choose not to be dogmatic or take things personally, transformation is possible through a peer-network that can reflect and support the process.

Core points of the Hara-Goe model include valuing diversity, taking meaningful action for meaningful results and bringing about a fair and resource based economy. The holistic approach of education, culture, and art, reveals practical ways to expand understanding and weave it into our daily Life; so we can find solutions to meet collective needs, like shelter and food, acceptance and freedom.

core values

What we understand as “core values” reflects qualities we consider essential for us to evolve, like honesty and authenticity, but it also includes aspects that are open to interpretation and are perspective-dependent, according to each person’s personality. Like for example the way we connect, how close we get. What we realize is that if you want to invite change and transformation you have to let go. So this is not a complete list nor is it written in stone. During this experiment, here and everywhere else, what is essential for us humans to thrive, will become clearer.

Hara-Goe core values so far:

  • being honest, so trust can unfold and grow
  • being conscious and aware, being authentic
  • having empathy, developing emotional intelligence
  • respecting oneself, each other, the environment
  • weaving warm, gentle and close relations